Welcome to Sydney Legend Bakehouse, The authentic continental and artisan bakehouse.

Welcome to Sydney Legend Bakehouse, The authentic continental and artisan bakehouse.

The Sydney Legend Bakehouse story began in 2000. Neil began working for a bakery in Liechhardt only doing bread deliveries for Gina's bakery. Neil then started to work inside Gina's bakery making continental Italian breads, several years later Neil and his wife came up with the idea to start their own distributing business from Alexandria (Perfect Continental Bread Suppliers). They went  door to door calling on cafes and restuarants successfully building up their business reputation. Over a five year period they began working together with other bakeries in Sydney. The success of their business continues to grow due to the increasing demand for their service and high quality products.

The passion they have have put into to cafes and restaurants has put them well on their way to growing both in experience and size.

Inspired by a photo of his great grandfather who had a flour mill in the early 1950's back in Turkey, Neil and Dee had the thought to start their own Turkish bakery and relocated to Marrickville.

The idea was to still continue with distribution to all their customers and start building their own bakery. The attention to detail of the factory was to focus on and reflect in honour the traditional form of artisan Turkish bread making. Their Turkish bread made by hand, led to the outcome of the increasing demand for their excellent quality products.

Neil and Dee put the same passion into their bread making just as their Grandfather did.

With their  growth SYDNEY LEGEND BAKEHOUSE was established, combining both businesses in to one baking and distribution company giving their  customers the best quality, right consistency, fresh to their doorsteps in the tradition of handmade artisan bread at highly competitive prices.

This year in March 2010 Sydney Legend Bakehouse transformed to a wholesale bakehouse which is HACCP certified. It has been a long and exciting journey for the husband & wife team seeing their business grow from a little bread run to making 3, 5 tons of Turkish bread a week and expanding  to making a wide range of continental breads to meet the growing demand of their clients.

Their products will make your business stand out in the crowd and also give you a truly unique approach to your business, Neil  and Dee know at Sydney Legend Bakehouse their success depends on your satisfaction with their unique products speaking for themselves. Neil and Dee would like to invite you to join their team, let them help you to grow your business.

Neil & Dee Orhan



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